She was born in the romantic city of Budapest on June 10th. Since she was a child she is interested in classic ballet, jazz dance and show-dance (at the age of 12 she begins the first performances). After some experience as a model for fashion shows and beauty competitions (including Miss Hungary and Miss Planet) she teaches aerobics / fitness. She begins her career as a dancer all around the world: Italy, Japan, England, France, Scotland, Spain, Caribbean, Portugal, Norway, Australia ... She enters the world of burlesque because it is always been her greatest passion. Constantly in motion to increase her experience in the entertainment world. In these years she worked on her shows using the Aerial Hoop and Hammock giving an incredible exotic experience of sensual acrobatics. She believes in the women's charm and sensuality, open and curious, loves nature and animals, she is against any kind of violence cruelty. Love and Peace, Mandy
© Mandy Goldie 2015 - Graphic by Patrizia Cogliati